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CVM04 Workshop: From Windows XP to the Virtual Workplace: A Detailed Strategy for Implementing your Application Delivery Infrastructure


1:00pm - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Simon Bramfitt

Founder and Principal Analyst

Entelechy Associates

Business and IT are entering an inverted world, where technical innovation does not come from enterprise IT but from the consumer, where mobility is central and the desktop is optional, and where standardization must give way to flexibility and innovation. The transition to this new model for client computing coincides with another major change, the end-of-life of the most successful operating system of all time. There is no question that these changes will be deeply disruptive; however, as with all other great changes, it will create great opportunities. The opportunities to reinvent and recreate the client computing environment are almost without precedent and must not be squandered.

This workshop explores the key business drivers and technologies that are coming together to create the virtual workspace which will be at the heart of tomorrow's client computing environment and shows how to get there.

Key subjects covered will include Bring Your Own Device, smart phone and tablets adoption, mobile device management, mobile application management, desktop virtualization, the consumerization of IT.

A path will be shown that takes enterprise IT form today's device-centric IT management services to a user-centric approach taking advantage of the opportunities inherent in consumerization technologies to create a virtual workspace that is centered on the user's needs and informed by the capabilities of the device in use.

You will learn:

  • Understand how consumerization of IT, BYOD, desktop virtualization, personal cloud and mobile technologies will reshape enterprise IT services.
  • Understand why conventional device management services will fail to keep up with business IT demands and how the virtual workspace will address tomorrow's challenges
  • Identify the key steps needed to transition from device-centric management services to the virtual workspace