Tactics in Cloud Application Development, For Developers

CVTH05 Real-Time Communication with SignalR and Windows Azure


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Brady Gaster

Program Manager,Visual Studio Web Tools Extensions Team


SignalR is an open source abstraction for persistent HTTP connections that has taken the ASP.NET world by storm. Now a core part of the ASP.NET stack, SignalR offers developers the ability to do real-time communication on the web or in a variety of client situations. This demonstration-loaded talk will introduce SignalR’s functionality, then take a deep dive into how SignalR can be used in various forms in Windows Azure to provide for cloud-hosted real-time communication. You’ll get started by seeing how to use SignalR’s base abstractions to provide realistic functionality to your web sites. A real-world implementation will be covered in an end-to-end scenario written specifically as a Windows Azure Cloud Service. Finally, SignalR’s ability to scale via Redis or Windows Azure Service Bus will be demonstrated so that load-balanced sites will have a common backplane.

You will learn:
• SignalR for web applications
• Hosting SignalR, native SignalR pub/sub
• Scaling out SignalR