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CVTH06 Identity and the Microsoft Cloud: Azure, Office 365, and You!


9:30am - 10:45am

Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter

Principal Technology Architect


In this unique session, come and hear about adopting and implementing the Microsoft Cloud from a seasoned Identity professional who has been working with these technologies first-hand from Day One. We'll begin with an overview and description of the technologies which allow an Identity Management professional to interact with both Windows Azure and Office 365. We'll then walk through a real-life example of integrating Microsoft cloud technologies from the perspective of both the application developer and the infrastructure architect. Along the way, we'll share best practices and tales from the trenches from customers, partners, and Microsoft's own evangelists and internal Identity Management architects.

You will learn:
• Adopting Azure and O365
• Enable Single Sign-On for your cloud applications
• Tales from the trenches in Cloud Adoption