Integrating Mobile Devices and Consumerization with Cloud Computing, For Developers

CVTH07 Using Windows Azure to Build the Next Generation of Mobile Applications


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Advanced

Jesus Rodriguez

Jesus Rodriguez

Chief Architect

Tellago and Tellago Studios

Mobile enterprise applications backed by cloud infrastructures are a common trend in today's mobile technology ecosystem. However, with some exceptions, most cloud infrastructures don't provide a great model for enabling traditional mobile computing patterns. The Windows Azure platform is an exception to that rule by providing a unique set of infrastructure components and computing models that can power the next generation of mobile enterprise applications.

This session will explore the capabilities of the Windows Azure platform that can enable sophisticated, highly scalable mobile enterprise applications. The session will illustrate best practices and techniques used in mobile applications to leverage Windows Azure capabilities such as caching, data storage, messaging, computing, identity management and many others. We will showcase these best practices using a series of demonstrations that highlight the use Windows Azure from Windows Phone, IOS, Android and HTML5 applications. Finally, we will complement the demonstrations with a series of real world case studies that highlight how organizations are leveraging Windows Azure to enable the next generation of enterprise mobile applications.

You will learn:
• Building mobile applications powered by Windows Azure
• Adding, security, storage, messaging and computing to your mobile applications using Windows Azure
• Leverage Windows Azure from your Android, IOs, Windows Phone or JavaScript applications