Constructing and Managing an Application Delivery Infrastructure, For Managing IT

CVTH10 Seven Secrets to Building a Successful Application Delivery Infrastructure


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Tyrone Thomas

Enterprise Technology Architect

Centrix Software

Most approaches to delivering applications from the cloud involve a greenfield opportunity while ignoring the legacy applications that will remain a part of the organization for a long time to come.  This presentation will highlight 7 top secrets to building a great infrastructure by beginning with the end in mind and embracing those legacy applications as they evolve. It will highlight how monitoring the patterns in which your users interact with the applications will help you construct a solid platform to move forward while providing the flexibility to accommodate acquisitions smoothly and seamlessly.

You will learn:
• A proven methodology for analyzing the usage patterns of users before infrastructure build out.
• How to determine whether hosted desktops, web applications, local applications or other delivery methods best fit the needs of those users.
• What's possible with today's technology and how to deliver it.