Managing the Modern Cloud Enabled Datacenter, For Developers, For IT Professionals

CVTH14 Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Forensics


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Greg Kipper

Solutions Architect - Cyber Security

STG Incorporated

Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Forensics offers an in-depth view into the world of virtualized environments, cloud computing and the implications they have on forensic investigations.  The course will explain virtualization, cloud computing and the different types of environments you will encounter.  The session continues by describing how virtualization impacts the forensic process and concludes by addressing advanced virtualization issues, cloud computing challenges and the future of virtualization and cloud computing.

You will learn:
• A clear understanding of virtual environments and the forensic processes associated with them.
• A clear understanding of cloud computing, the challenges they present, and methods for conducting incident response and forensic investigation within the Cloud.
• The future of virtualization and Cloud computing, to include mobile virtualization, autonomic computing, augmented reality and the emerging "Internet of Things".