Becoming a Virtualization Expert, For IT Professionals

CVT08 Avoiding the Sixteen Biggest vSphere HA & DRS Mistakes


2:00pm - 3:15pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Greg Shields

MVP, vExpert

Author Evangelist


VMware vSphere is nothing new to the experienced IT pro.  In fact, with over 50% of all IT workloads being virtualized today, there’s a good chance you already have it in your datacenter.  But did you know that vSphere’s most noted – and arguably most powerful – technologies for VM availability can be easily misconfigured?  Were you aware that some of its most-foundational settings can be fatally configured?

Don’t learn the hard way.  Greg Shields of Concentrated Technology has collected sixteen of HA and DRS’ most DataCenter-killing configuration mistakes.  He’ll be sharing those mistakes, along with specific and actionable suggestions for un-making them.  Trust us on this one:  You’ll want to check your own settings before this presentation even ends.

You will learn:
• 16 big vSphere HA & DRS mistakes, and how not to make them.
• How to configure, manage, and maintain vSphere HA and DRS for best availability and load balancing.
• Best practices in managing HA & DRS in small to enterprise environments.