Managing the Modern Cloud Enabled Datacenter, For IT Professionals

CVT11 Monitoring and Optimizing Windows Performance in Cloud-Based Infrastructures


4:15pm - 5:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Bruce Mackenzie Low

Bruce Mackenzie-Low


Systems Software Engineer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ever changing workload demands of cloud-enabled infrastructures require periodic monitoring to ensure the highest levels of performance.  Leverage free tools from Microsoft to identify resource bottlenecks and take corrective action before they become a problem.  Learn how to use tools such as PAL and XPerf to analyze Perfmon and Event Trace data to pinpoint depleted resources.  Stay one step ahead of performance problems by detecting trends in resource usage and configuring additional capacity where needed.  Leave this session with the confidence you'll need to tackle the toughest performance problems your clients can dish out.

You will learn:
• About Microsoft's hottest performance diagnostic tools including PAL and XPerf
• Understand how to diagnose, monitor and resolve Windows resource bottlenecks
• Gain deep dive knowledge of monitoring Windows kernel components