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CVW14 Using Windows Azure to Enable Disaster Recovery Scenarios


4:00pm - 5:15pm

Nuno Godinho

Nuno Godinho

Windows Azure MVP, MCT

Cloud Solution Architect

Aditi Technologies

One of the biggest problems we have in an application and its data is the fact that we need it to be able to survive a disaster of any kind, from a Natural Disaster to a Vendor Disaster. In the cloud this is even more important because we need to understand how to prepare ourselves for that, since in some cases we "seem" not to have the same control over the data, and so in this session we'll talk about some of Windows Azure capabilities and features that help us be prepared for Disasters, and also to better prepare our apps and data to survive them.

You will learn:
• Ways to design your solutions enabling Disaster Recovery scenarios to provide higher SLA's for your customers.
• Techniques to have reduced costs but at the same time a very high SLA in your application with Windows Azure.
• How typical Disaster Recovery scenarios are built and the pros and cons of each approach.