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CVW15 From Chaos to Confidence: Overcoming an Environmental Disaster with the Help of VDI


4:00pm - 5:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Ryan Sobel

Director of Virtualization and Mobility Solutions Practice

Iron Bow Technologies

When this particular disaster struck hard and fast, hundreds to a thousand federal government workers were deployed to the region to help bring the disaster under control, mitigate damage, and investigate the cause. Overnight, this massive number of responders needed computing resources in command centers and in the field. 

With no IT infrastructure in place, the government struggled to roll out physical desktops as quickly as possible, but could not keep up. Workers were purchasing computers on their own, which were not secure, not compliant, and not connected with the agency IT infrastructure. 

To speed up the process of deploying desktops and meeting demands, the agency asked Iron Bow to help set up a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution. This presentation chronicles this deployment and includes a description of:
• Reasons the agency choose a VDI solution
• The problems solved by VDI in this situation
• VDI Implementation strategy
• Implementation challenges that were overcome
• Keys to the project's success
• Expansion of the project scope
• Real results gained through the implementation. 

The benefits of VDI have extended well beyond the initial response to the disaster. The agency's IT infrastructure is now flexible and, more importantly, secure and scalable, it has ensured that in the time of need, they can act fast and deploy hundreds and or thousands of desktops out the field in a fast, easy, secure manageable way.

You will learn:
• How virtual desktop deployments play-out in real life scenarios.
• Gain familiarity with the pros and cons of leading virtual desktop solutions, brands, and support solutions.
• Understanding how to tackle the #1 success factor in any virtual desktop deployment: satisfying end users.