Cynthia Farren


Cynthia Farren Consulting

Cynthia Farren is a recognized leader in the Software Asset Management and Microsoft licensing arenas. Cynthia is a frequent guest speaker at software licensing industry events and is the author of Network World's blog on Microsoft licensing. She is the founder and President of the firm bearing her name. Under her direction, her firm was selected as one of the five consulting firms in the United States to help Microsoft form their current Software Asset Management program for mid-size and enterprise customers. She has been involved in over 100 Microsoft compliance reviews (performing or responding on behalf of her clients) and has been a Microsoft licensing advisor and Software Asset Management professional for almost 20 years. Additionally, Cynthia is the developer and trainer for the popular Microsoft Licensing Training webinar course. Cynthia is an expert in all Microsoft licensing agreements (including but not limited to Commercial licensing, service provider or hosting, OEM, ISV and the Microsoft Partner Network). Her clients benefit from her broad knowledge and ability to provide creative solutions within the rigidity of the licensing programs.