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CVTH8 Softening the Network: Virtualization, the Final Frontier


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Steve Riley

Technical Director

Riverbed Technology

Virtualization rules the cloud. No longer do we discuss servers, CPUs, and disks, but instead instances, v-cores, and ephemeral volumes. Software abstractions have already replaced hardware appliances everywhere except the network, so now it's time to get serious about virtualizing that final frontier. The cloud transforms large and dynamically-extensible collections of relatively homogenous compute engines into sophisticated on-demand data processing systems. It's natural to extend this thinking, and replace traditional network hardware devices with sophisticated traffic-processing software. In addition, it becomes easier to create a meta-control plane that allows for easier dynamic provisioning and coordination of those software entities. Crucially, it's important to deliver traffic-processing capabilities that can be integrated into the DevOps paradigm, since that's an increasingly important style of delivering applications. Steve Riley, from Riverbed Technology, will highlight many of the advantages that accrue from network virtualization.

You will learn:
• How can the network itself be virtualized?
• What have the obstacles been to doing this to date?
• What innovations have made this possible?