Cloud & Virtualization Live! Keynote - Everything You Think You Know about the Cloud is Wrong


8:00am - 9:00am

Steve Riley

Technical Director

Riverbed Technology

Security: same risks and threats and mitigations, yep? Nope. System administration: same roles and tasks and duties, yep? Nope. Development: same designs and methods and processes, yep? Nope. There’s a lot of chatter that cloud computing is yet another return to the age of centralization—as if it were the mainframe of the 21st century. Nothing could be further from the truth. While the cloud is certainly evoking a kind of re-centralization of compute and storage, it’s more accurate to regard it as “distributed re-centralization.” Access, meanwhile, is as far from centralized as you can imagine: with nearly ubiquitous access from devices of all sizes (often personally-owned and equipped with huge storage capacities), traditional approaches to developing applications, managing systems, and securing information simply have to go. For the “digital native” generation, the cloud is the computer. There’s no time for old-time lamentations about the good old days. To succeed today, you have to develop, manage, and secure for tomorrow.