Tactics in Cloud Application Development, For Developers

CVW05 Windows Azure Security: What's Already in Place?


11:00am - 12:15pm

Nuno Godinho

Nuno Godinho

Windows Azure MVP, MCT

Cloud Solution Architect

Aditi Technologies

Being Security a very important topic in every application, when we think about the Cloud it becomes even more important, because of the type of data we place there, the architecture that is normally used (Multi-Tenant), and even because we all heard about the latest outage problems of some Cloud vendors, and so we need to understand exactly what can we expect when going Windows Azure. And so in the session we'll focus on understanding the Security that is already in place in the Windows Azure Data Centers, and how each of the Thread is handled.

You will learn:
• Understand how Security is handled by the platform.
• Understand how Data Security can be achieved in Windows Azure.
• Understand how Compliance can be achieved using Windows Azure.